About Us

Our vision

We aspire to a world which accepts and understands people with autistic spectrum conditions and gives them opportunities to experience a better quality of life, increased independence and self-esteem.

Our mission

Autism Sussex is a charity which exists to enable people with an autistic spectrum condition to receive the help and specialist support services they and their families need.

We fulfil our mission by providing personalised support services which produce measurable, positive outcomes for those who use them and better long term value for money to those who fund them.

Our values

These values underpin the way we carry out our mission:

Focus on the individual

  • We respect each individual’s dignity, autonomy and right to privacy, home and family life.
  • We nurture the health and well-being of each individual and safeguard them from abuse.
  • We seek to understand and develop each individual’s ability to make choices, applying best interest principles where necessary.
  • We recognise each individual’s entitlement to opportunities for personalised, lifelong learning taking into account the different thinking patterns of people with ASC and the need to develop essential skills and strategies for social interaction, communication and employment. We believe our service users should have meaningful participation and involvement in the local community.
  • We listen to and consult with our service users, their families and their advocates.

Learning and innovation

  • We continuously seek to improve our services keeping informed of new research developments in the understanding of autistic spectrum condition and encouraging our staff to receive relevant training and adopt innovative approaches.

Value for money

  • We strive to provide, and evidence, value for money so more people can benefit from our services.

Collaboration and Partnership

  • We believe we will achieve more if we work constructively with others who have an interest in achieving better outcomes for people with ASC