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-2% gender pay gap for Autism Sussex and Pepenbury staff

Posted on March 9, 2018 by - News

Gender pay at Autism Sussex and Pepenbury

As employers we are proud to announce that the gender pay gap at both Autism Sussex and Pepenbury (united as Aspens Charities) shows that the female average hourly rate is 2% higher the the male average hourly rate.  This compares to a national average hourly rate of 17% higher for males.  

The gender pay gap is the average difference between the pay of men and women working for an organisation. It is not the same as equal pay. The law says men and women must be paid the same for doing equivalent work. If they are not, then their employer must justify why not. At Autism Sussex we pay men and women the same rates for performing the same roles. Our gender pay gap on 5 April 2017 was:

  • Mean -2%
  • Median gender pay gap -2%

This means that our female average and median hourly rates were 2% higher than our male average and median hourly rates.

In addition


No bonuses were paid in the year to 5 April 2017 at Autism Sussex, although we do operate a ‘refer a friend’ scheme for recruitment purposes. There was no difference in any bonuses paid to male and female members of staff.

The government asks us to break down our hourly pay into quartiles i.e. put all the hourly rates in numerical order and then divide the list into four equal parts. The table below shows the results:


Quartile % males % females
Lower 67 33
Lower middle 15 85
Upper middle 44 56
Upper  25 75

The only quartile where there are more men than women is the lower quartile. The high number of women is most marked in the lower middle quartile. Overall, Autism Sussex staff were 38% male and 62% female.

Please see Pepenbury for the Gender Pay information on staff. 

Insiders Guide

Posted on November 28, 2016 by - News

A free 5 week course for parents and carers of children with special needs

This course will cover things like understanding and managing difficult behaviours, practical help, support and tips to handle tricky meetings, survival strategies and lots more, plus a chance to meet other parents in a relaxed atmosphere.

Taking place in the Community Room at ASDA, Battle Road, St Leonards on Sea,

TN37 7AA


Session 1: 10th January 2017

Session 2: 17th January 2017

Session 3: 24th January 2017

Session 4: 31st January 2017

Session 5: 7th February 2017



All sessions are on Tuesdays, 10am till 12.30pm.             Refreshments Provided

For further details, or to book, please call:

Samantha Fievez  on  07795152950

GAP Awards 2016

Posted on November 4, 2016 by - News

The GAP Awards have been developed to raise awareness of Good Autism Practice across the organisation, recognise and reward the hard work and dedication of our staff in supporting individuals and families affected by autism.

We would like to share with you all the fantastic nominations from across the organisation and we are very pleased to announce the winners.


Innovative Practice in Person Centred and Active Support

This person will see every moment as having potential and provide the right level of support to ensure success and to create positive outcomes for the people they support. They will have adopted a ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’ approach thereby enabling choice, control and independence with the person at the centre of their person centred practice.

Winner – Ian Lambert


Outstanding Evidence of Inclusive Communication

This person will have a flexible approach to the way they provide communication support, and be able to work across differing and changing needs.  They will have a clear understanding that communication is a two way process and that small changes in the way they communicate can have a big impact on outcomes.

Winner – Jess Chambers


Excellence in Proactive, Positive, Preventative Strategies  and evidence of Reducing Restrictive

This person will have a creative approach to building skills for the people they work with and a clear understanding that restrictive practices are a last resort.  Positive practice will be the key theme running through their work.

Winner – Steve Mitchell


Outstanding Achievement by an Individual on the Autistic Spectrum

This is a special category to recognise the achievements of an individual on the spectrum who has themselves made an outstanding achievement over the past 6 months.

Winner – Simon Woroniecki


Thank you for your nominations and we look forward to receiving the applications for the GAP Awards 2017.