Specialist Support Services

Specialist Support is a comprehensive, professional, high quality service for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions who demonstrate challenging behaviour and other difficulties associated with Autism.

This service is open to professionals and parent/carers.

A specialist support package can be brought in by county council, CAMHS or privately funded by parents/carers i.e. direct payments, DLA
Difficulties might include;sleep, eating, communication difficulties, anxiety, demand avoidance, verbally abusive, physical harm to self and or others, sensory dysfunction, social skills, obsessions, ritualistic, self help, independence.

Service includes; a baseline behaviour and skills assessment, a behaviour intervention plan and ongoing support packages.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Referrals can come from a professional and/or parent/carer of the child or young person with Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Have a diagnosis of ASC or under going an assessment
  • Be under 18
  • Live in Sussex
  • Following receipt of a referral it may then be necessary for the behaviour support specialist to carry out a provisional eligibility assessment
  • We are currently unable to take on children who are suffering from extreme behaviours or additional mental health disorder i.e. psychosis, clinical depression, history of suicide, anorexia, bipolar
Meet The West Sussex Team

Penny Piggott is acting Family Support Manager and a Behaviour Specialist.  Penny has over 10 years experience working with children, young people and families with ASC. Her background is in Social Science with extended studies in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Penny specialises in behaviour management, total communication, social skills and eating disorders. She is also a sleep counsellor with ‘Sleep Scotland’.

Lucy Russell, Specialist Intervention Advisor.  Lucy recently completed an Occupational Therapy degree where she spent time as a student working closely with young people with ASC and their families. Lucy is lead facilitator at both Crawley Siblings and Crawley Capers; she also works within children’s services assisting young people at group.

Meet The East  Sussex Team

Meraud Davis is a Behaviour Specialist.  Meraud has worked with children and young people with ASC as well as challenging behaviour and a range of complex needs. Meraud is a qualified teacher and an experienced Applied Behaviour Analysis home programme supervisor. She has 12 years experience in setting up and managing individualised educational and behaviour management programmes. Meraud specialises in communication, lifelong learning and behaviour management.

Cathryn Tinker, Specialist Intervention Advisor.  Cathryn has a Masters Degree in Autism Studies and four years experience of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  She has also worked in a primary school unit for children with severe autism.  Cathryn has many years experience of leading various children’s groups, as well as art groups for adults with special needs. Cathryn is the lead for the Haywards Heath and Brighton sibling groups.

Enquiry Line- 0345 450 0060

Email: familysupport@autismsussex.org.uk